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Zeyanna is an arcade game on www.flash-games.net in which you will help a mermaid dress up in water. She is at the bottom of blue ocean. Around her are beautiful shells, white whale, and seaweeds. Colorful jellyfishes are floating here and there. In the distance a gold castle glimmers under the sunshine. Two lovely sea horses are watching our pretty mermaid. She has pink hairs and blue eyes. What she is waiting for is somebody who can help her find her clothing and dress her up. Beautiful necklaces and accessories are hidden inside the boxes near her. You can click them to select the best match for her. You may select gold or silver. As for other dressing, you can click the colorful shells. Pink shell hides some tails of this mermaid. Blue conch contains some bottom clothing. Yellow conch hides skirts for her. Click and point. You can find your best match for this mermaid. When she is dressed up, she will go back to the castle. Help her now!



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