Save The Cow

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Save The Cow

Save The Cow is a shooting game on in which you become a cow protector to kill alien invaders by using various weapons. Night is approaching, and our lovely cows will fall into sleeping. At that moment, a number of spaceships fly over the farm. They hover for a while and strange invaders are put down from ships. Yes, they are alien invaders. Their purpose is to snatch these cows. As a cow protector, your job is to rescue the cows by shooting on the alien invaders. You can use the mouse cursor to aim and fire on the alien invaders. At the beginning, you only have a pistol to fight. After you have rescued several cows, some coins are awarded to you. Thus you can buy rifle, AK-47, Eagle and submachine gun from a gun shop. Then you can try to save more cows by more powerful weapons. The more cows you rescue, the more money you can earn for buying more guns. Rescue cows! Join it now!



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