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Abandoned is an adventure game on www.flash-games.net. It is also a point and click game. While on another paranormal investigation, nothing seemed to be happening. Temperatures seemed to fluctuate a little more than usual but nothing too extreme. While in the far end of the basement, what appeared to be a mist started to form. It started off thin and very opaque; soon it began to get thick. It became so thick and dark that no one could see anything. It felt like being wrapped in a thick fog. Everything all at once became black. That is the last thing that you can remember. As for the others, you hope that they are all ok. You realized that you were abandoned. So here you must find something helpful by yourself. You went into a room and saw a shabby chair, some pipes, blood on wall, and a metal pipe. It

You can play Abandoned game online for free; to download the game click here.


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