• Gaming blog

    Lately I've been working on my new gaming blog. There are currently about 20 posts, the lasest one being about new coming Darkest Dungeon II. Come and see: https://single-player.org/post/76-hero-paths-in-darkest-dungeon-ii-stats-and-tips


  • Update

    Font size increase

    Better mobile user experience

    Search on site in lightbox window

    Better results in related sidebar

    Fullscreen mode for photos

    Now you can add comment on site


  • New games

    Flash game collection has been updated recently - now site has 400 more games. Most of the games are of Idle and Tower Defence strategy genre. There are some of "Minecraft" style games.


    Sorting algorytm changed so you see higher ranked games first. This rank is based on popularity, game release date and some other stuff. This algorytm is to be improved later.


    I'd like to add HTML games in the future.


  • Crosswords

    There are lots of word puzzles in russian version of the site, probably some day there will be in english too. Email me if you like that idea.


  • Oscar 2014 nominated short films

    5 short movies nominated for Oscar has been added in Short Films category.


  • Music videos

    Month ago site began to be updated with musical videos. Mostly the videos are of my favourite groups - heavy metal and rock style. But there are Lady Gaga and Madonna too. Mostly old stuff, I'd say.


  • Short films

    There are lot of short films on the site.


  • Site blog

    New updates going to be here.