Crumble Blocks

Crumble Blocks

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Crumble Blocks is an arcade game on The goal of the game is to remove a certain number of rows from the board. Several tiles have been placed at the bottom of the board at first. There is a floating window in the upper left part of the screen, showing some other tiles that may be matched with some tile on the board. You can click and drag the tile from the window which completes the other half of the colored tile. Match a row correctly and it will be removed. As the levels progress, more colors will be added to the tile sets. You must remove the specified rows within time limit. A right match will give you some time bonus. And a wrong drag and match will decrease your time. If the time is run out, the game is over. Try it now!

You can play Crumble Blocks game online for free; to download the game click here.


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