Warfare Transporter

Warfare Transporter

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Warfare Transporter is a shooting game on www.flash-games.net in which you will steer a transporter to finish risky tasks. The game happened in war period. As the war rages on, the supply business turned out to be most profitable. However, only the best ships can survive in the ocean that is full of enemies attacking from beyond and above. There are five missions for your selection, Pass the fjord, safe quarter, N-NE headland, island route and frontline pass. There may be many submarines or aircrafts attacking your ship. So you shall try to shoot out torpedoes and missiles to kill enemies and protect yourself to reach destination safely. If your ship is shot, its life value will decrease, until to sink. Then you will be told that bottom of the ocean is your home now. Do you want to experience this adventure? Join it here!

You can play Warfare Transporter game online for free; to download the game click here.


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