Kill Zomies

Kill Zomies

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Kill Zomies is an Adventure game on in which you try to kill devils around you. You walk in a dreadful forest in darkness. There are various evils in this world, like tauren, ghost, ogre and witch. You task is to kill all of these ogres. Drag the green circle to draw a line on screen. The player will follow the line to move. The ogre can find your footprint and follow you. Try to let the ogres follow you. If the number of same type following-ogre is three, the ogres will kill each other. You can kill all ogres like this and you will win. After killing all evils, you can move to the next level. There are totally five lives for you. If you can not kill the devils quickly around you, you will be killed by them and become an angel with wings. Try it now!

You can play Kill Zomies game online for free; to download the game click here.


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