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Robomaro is an arcade game on in which a green robot holding a spade will feed and protect its lovely egg-shaped pet. You can move your mouse to control this robot. In different level, you will have different tasks to increase the weight of the pet to some degree. In the far is a blue planet. Chicken, sandwich, banana, apple, ice cream, litchi, watermelon and other food will fall down from the sky. Move the pet to pick up these stuffs in order to increase its weight and pass level. Also cupboard, car, bottles, pot, television, guitar and gramophone will fall down from the air, you shall use mouse to move the robot for breaking these things with its shovel. The pet totally has three lives. If it is hit by the objects except food, the pet will lose a life. You will lose the game if the lives all sacrifice. When you finish the specified weight for pet, you can move to the next level. Go now!

You can play Robomaro game online for free; to download the game click here.


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