Lord of the Lost - The Broken Ones

Lord of the Lost - The Broken Ones (2017)

Year: 2017




"The broken ones" lyrics

The broken ones

Arise my friend, we're nearly late
Still drunk as lords at ten past eight
Since fortune fled we're creeping back
To skies that we once knew
From blue to black

Through damnation we run
With two broken legs
And we find a refuge in our halo's crack
Trying to change the whole world
Hearts replaced with stones
We're not the heroes, my friend
We are the broken ones

Get up my friend, it's not too late
We have a cause, we can control our fate
Wipe off the dirt and feign a smile
At least just for a while, for a while

Run, run, it's not too late
Run, run, control your fate
Run, run, it's not too late
Run, run, the wise don't wait

My love you know what we fight for
Take a run at bastards all
With words they hope will break your bones
Never forget,
We are the broken ones

For our dreams I would fight
With two broken arms
Still believing our life
Has the chance to charm
We can change this cruel world
Maybe one fine day
We'll walk as heroes, my friend
But not today


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