Lord of the Lost - Prison

Lord of the Lost - Prison (2011)

Year: 2011




"Prison" lyrics


Fragile hands laying in mine
Hollow eyes too weak to shine
The color of love is red
What if you are colorblind?

What is heaven for?
What is life meant to be?
What is heaven for?
Is it a prison where you can´t break free?
Dawn is opening my eyes
I´m still dreaming in disguise
All the stories have been told
There´s nothing left to touch a heart
That is so cold
What is heaven for? [4x]
Set it on fire and watch it burn [3x]
Set it on fire
Don´t let it freeze with no return
Set it on fire and watch it burn
From the ashes, from the dust
I save your heart
It never can be hurt again
What is heaven for? [4x]


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