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Flipshot is an action game on www.flash-games.net in which you are going to collect diamonds and protect yourself from a powerful ball. You are a warrior sent out by the King to collect some valuable diamonds for the nation. Going through a lot of difficulties and risks, you finally find the treasure. But you can not get close to the diamonds for some great dangers. The king has given you a powerful ball to help you solve the problem. The ball has elasticity and can bounce back to you once it picks a diamond up. You must use a shield to bounce the ball, and avoid being hit by the ball or your health will decrease. There are five fish bones behind you that are your food. If the ball hits one fish bone, that fish bone will be destroyed. Once all five fish bones are destroyed, the game is over. So you must control this powerful ball well. Collect all diamonds and move to the next level. Are you ready? Good luck!

You can play Flipshot game online for free; to download the game click here.


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