Bullet Bill 2

Bullet Bill 2

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Bullet Bill 2 is a skill game on www.flash-games.net in which you are in control of a shot bullet and try to go as far as possible. Once the game starts, a bullet will be shot out by cannon. This bullet will fly forward in the air, but it may hit walls or some obstacles on its way and stop for that. Clouds are laughing at it. Your task is to move the bullet around and avoid hitting walls by using your mouse. You must be very careful for the bullet will fly in a high speed and there are many blocks and obstacles here and there. Once you lose your attention, the bullet will be stopped by something and fall down to ground. But it can penetrate through some thin bricks. You will control it to get to the flag at the end and finish the level. You many also need to finish some underwater and underground levels. Do you want to know more? Join it.

You can play Bullet Bill 2 game online for free; to download the game click here.


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