Line Rider

Line Rider

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Line Rider is a game developed by ~fsk, and originally posted over at Deviant Art. The goal of this game / gadget is to draw a course for your character who controls a toboggan. In a normal video game, the hero explores a well defined universe and must cross a series of obstacles. In Line Rider, whom one will rather describe as interactive and ludic animation, it is all the opposite: the player himself must trace, with great blows of pencil, the course of a small catch fixed well on his toboggan, ready to descend the slopes that one drew to him under the shoes. Basic seemingly, the play requires an incredible patience since one tries to transform the tobogganist into Olympic acrobat. What, obviously, does not reject the Net surfers, who compete of ingeniousness and graphic virtuosity in the thousands of video demonstrations posted on YouTube.

You can play Line Rider game online for free; to download the game click here.


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