Ray Jessel - She's Got That

Ray Jessel - She's Got That

I met this girl,

She's just great,

This girl I just adore,

The problem is,

She has much more,

Than I had bargained for,

She's got that style,

She's got that smile,

She's got the walk,

She's got the tuck,

She's got that zing,

There's just one thing,

She's got a penis.

She's got that flare,

Knows what to wear,

She's got that face,

That girl is grace,

She's got pizzazz,

Too bad she has,

A penis.

Now there's always some failure,

Always some flaw,

Ain't that what they call,

Murfey's law,

But male genitalia,

That's where I draw the line,


Hers is bigger than mine.

My life's a mess,

Cause under that dress,

She's got a p-e-n-i-s...





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