Nightwish - Nemo

Nightwish - Nemo (2004)

Year: 2004




"Nemo" lyrics


This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass

This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline

Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything

My flower will withered between
The pages two and three
The once and forever bloom
Gone with my sins

Walk the dark path, sleep with angels
Call the past for help
Touch me with your love
And reveal to me my true name

Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
Oh, how I wish to dream again
Once and for all and all for once
Nemo my name for evermore

Nemo sailing home
Nemo letting go


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