Lucky Driver

Lucky Driver

The driver and passenger of the car "VAZ-2105" that fall under the wheels of trucks first, then a bus, escaped with minor injuries.
A terrible accident occurred at the 91-kilometer M3 highway near the city of Obninsk, Kaluga region.

42-year-old driver, "Lada" Alexander Petrov decided to overtake a passenger bus Mercedes, en route in the same direction, to the right. However, this maneuver the man failed. "Five" lost control and flew into oncoming traffic, where ran into heavy trucks DAF.

The machine then unwind as whirligig, and literally blown to pieces, throwing back - under the bus.

Car completely flattened on one side, but luckily the driver and passenger survived. Not believing his luck, padded feet on the driver "Lada" got out of the car and the broken, weeping, walked along the road.

- Went to the scene immediately hospitalized ambulance men to hospital - told Life News in the propaganda department regiment DPS Kaluga Natalia Gorokhov. - Alexander Petrov received uncomplicated fracture of the chest, his 26-year-old passenger Guman Isayev escaped with bruises and shock - he was released from the hospital after a few hours.

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