The Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb

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The Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb





Are you going to update this game, if so then what are your plans? (i love this game but i would be happy if you added a little bit more characters)


Current browser version will stay as it is, as Flash is getting obsolete on December 2020.

Latest version of this game is available on Steam. Search for "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" or "The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth" on Steam.

The game was developed by Edmund McMillen, this site is hosting first flash version of the series.


I want to thank you, I always wanted to play The Binding of Isaac, but I can't really spend money on it. Maybe it's not Rebirth or Afterbirth, but it's still fun! I just unlocked Judas and I'm happy, I've got best run ever with Polyphemus, Habbit, 9 Volt and Book of Revelations, this combo made me pretty much invincible because every 2 times I took damage I could use Book of Revelations again.


Great game to play in my free time


i've unlocked 3 characters (eve, maggy, and cain) but each time i come back to this game, it hasn't saved my progress.


Somehow your browser doesn't allow to save data. Check your browser settings or maybe set them default.


yo this game is good i love it and play it all the time


Agree, this game is one of the best things made in Flash.

Angel :]-

Yo i just wanna say thank you because this was the only website with the full game that wasn't blocked by my school.


I'm glad to hear that.


I have an averadge internet, yet after two hours of waiting the game still isnt loading.


It takes about 5 minutes with my 8Mbit internet to complete loading. Could you check any other game on this website? Just want to know if the problem is with this game exactly. What browser are you using? Did you played the game on this website before? (there was update couple days ago, so I'm looking for possible issues)


Great game!


i cant skip


Press Space

Some guy

What are your plans for this site after flash won't be supported anymore?


Flash will be still playable on older versions of browsers so flash games will stay on the site for two more years at least. Close to December 2020, I will try to follow best strategies of larger sites like Armorgames, Newgrounds or Kongregate.


The flash permission is no longer asked and it won't load after many minutes. It didn't do this a few days ago :(


Your browser probably turned Flash Player off. To enable it again, follow the instructions on a top of a page (above a game).

Also, after your comment I realized that I turned caching off after update, which means that every time you reload a page, your flash files have to load again. I've turned caching back on, so now games should start faster.


it's broken. the game won't load.


The game is working fine. It takes some time to load, because the game weights 40MB, which is much larger size than average flash game (1-5MB). Also, this game doesn't have loading indicator to you have to wait for 100% load.


Our saves are fine, thank you.


This game is most popular on the site. I hope your save files didn't get lost when I refreshed site engine and design.

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