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You are in a maze and your objective is to collect all the blue diamonds dispatched in this maze, within a limited frame of time. To move in the maze, use the arrow keys of your keyboard. To pick up a diamond, go over it. To gain more time, go over the red hearts that you will find on your way. Beside, a path can be blocked by a blue grid. To open this grid, you need a yellow key that is to be found somewhere in the maze. Like for the diamonds and hearts, go over it to take it. When you will go back to the grid, it will disappear as you will go over it. In the band below the game screen, you have several buttons. Most left one is the start button that you can click to re-start. Then comes the map button. You can use it at any times to get an overview of the remaining objects (diamond = blue dot, heart = red dot, your position = yellow dot). The key to the grid is of course not shown! The remaining time is shown beside the red heart, and the remaining quantity of diamonds is shown beside the blue diamond. To start the game, type the password in capslock and click on the Play button. Have fun, it is not an easy one!



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