Snowball Bash

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Snowball Bash

You have to hit the pengins poping out of the holes in the ice with snowballs! For that purpose, simply click on them with your mouse. When you reach one pengin, you get 10 points and one new snowball. But take care! If you miss, you loose 10 points and do not get a new snowball so that your stock reduces... Beside, the pengins are shooting snowballs also. If you are hit, you loose one life ball that can not be replenished. When you have no more snowball, or no more life ball, you loose. Your stock of snowballs (white) and life balls (red) is shown at the bottom of the screen. Have fun...

If you want to play this game offline and without any browsers after December 2020, then download .swf game file and use any Flash Player that runs .swf files.

For Windows users, I recommend ARFlashPlayer (it supports fullscreen option) or official Adobe Flash Player. Both programs are portable.

Another way to play flash games is to install SuperNova SWF Extension (it works in Chrome only).



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