Flash Golf 2001

Flash Golf 2001

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Flash Golf 2001 is a sport game on www.flash-games.net where you can exercise your golf skills on your computer. To begin with, you unlock the pointer, aim your potential target, and then lock your aim. Then use the swingmeter which determines the power and the accuracy of the shot. This involves a backswing and a downswing. Click and hold the mouse down to set power. When the desired power is reached, release the mouse to play a downswing. The closer your energy reaches the top of the swingmeter, the more powerful your shot will be. For a perfect directed shot you have to stop the indicator when it reaches the bottom of the swingmeter. Stopping too early will result a hook while too late will lead to a slice. Note: if on the backswing you go beyond the top point, power will increases but the downswing will be faster, making it harder to stop on bottom part. Enjoy!

You can play Flash Golf 2001 game online for free; to download the game click here.


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