Tower Blaster

Tower Blaster

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In Tower Blaster, you are opposed to a group of Vikings. The goal of the play is simple: to build in first a tower. Each element of the tower is represented by a number; you must build your turn with the smallest number in the largest top and in bottom, in order to guarantee a stability at the building. With each turn, you have the choice between taking the element proposed by the Vikings or an element randomly (possibility then of passing its turn). All is played mouse; you select initially the figure chosen, then the site where pose it to you on your lathe. To finish the play, the 8 handles should be gained. Corsican play: 1st part with quantified elements from 1 to 50, last part with quantified elements from 1 to 22. To gain more points, you can pile up coast beside the elements whose figures are followed (36, 37, 38?). It's your turn to play!

You can play Tower Blaster game online for free; to download the game click here.


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