Shadow Factory

Shadow Factory

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Shadow Factory is an adventure game on in which you are in control of an automatic truck to finish an important task. It is on 29 September 2211. Two of the five reactors in SNPS 11 nuclear plant have been closed. Your mission is to explore the plant and collect information about the radiation levels. All the people around there have moved away. The place thus becomes a death valley. You must travel all the areas around to ensure the accuracy of your data. You can make the truck move forward and backward by using arrow keys. Press the x key to get it bounce or jump. The truck will go through many gears, iron plate, and some machine facilities. You can not turn over it. When the truck falls down into the valley, you have to buy another one. Try to reach the exit of each level, and then play the next level. Good luck!

You can play Shadow Factory game online for free; to download the game click here.


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