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You can find this game in the category ?adventure?. Here is the history: Your father is a shepherd at the time Roman, you are one of his 8 sons. It is the hour for you to prove reliable to become you also a shepherd. He entrusts a mission to you, bring back to each levels a number of sheep (for the 2?m first levels, one needs 4 of them; for the 1?m levels 7 etc?) in an assigned time. Each time, that you find one of them, you gain points. You can increase your number of points by taking on each levels fruits (apples, pears etc?) and of the rubies, invaluable stones etc? But attention of the animals will be on your road (bears, lions etc?) that it will be necessary for you to daze to pass. You have three lives on each level (in the form of heart in top on the left). Controls: arrow directional the left and right-hand side enable you to move, arrow top enables you to jump, the arrow one of bottom enables you to bend down, when you jump if you support on arrow bottom you will make a 360? then. The bar spaces enables you to give either a kick or a blow of fist to your adversaries. The entered key, enables you to choose your weapons (but at the beginning you will not have anything, you will further have weapons in the play).



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