Sky Chopper

Sky Chopper

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Sky Chopper, which is a shooting game on A helicopter used to carry loads connected to long cables or slings is called an aerial crane. Aerial cranes are used to place heavy equipment, like radio transmission towers and large air conditioning units, on the tops of tall buildings, or when an item must be raised up in a remote area, such as a radio tower raised on the top of a hill or mountain. Helicopters are used as aerial cranes in the logging industry to lift trees out of terrain where vehicles cannot travel and where environmental concerns prohibit the building of roads. These operations are referred to as longline because of the long, single sling line used to carry the load. But in here, the helicopter is fighting with other copter enemies, you have to shoot them in the right way for prtecting your town.

You can play Sky Chopper game online for free; to download the game click here.


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