Parachute Retrospect

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Parachute Retrospect

Parachute Retrospect is a skill game on in which you try to land one hundred soldiers safely from a helicopter. Once the game starts, there is a helicopter carrying 100 persons over the mountains in the air. Numerous trucks, cars, and vehicles carrying cottons move along the path at the foot of this mountain. You shall drop one soldier when a truck is at the location of underneath the helicopter. If the soldier falls down on the cotton, that means he lands alive. If the soldier falls down on the ground, he will break to pieces and die. Try to catch as more soldiers as you can. As time goes on, cannon will be built in the hill to intercept the falling soldiers. You must avoid being shot by missiles in the air. Unfortunately, afterwards there is an electricity tower also appearing in the mountain to release high tension electricity. Once the falling soldiers hit the electricity, they will be burnt into ashes. So this must be a great challenge for you. Try to save all the soldiers and not drop them upon the trucks carrying rocks. Good luck!

If you want to play this game offline and without any browsers after December 2020, then download .swf game file and use any Flash Player that runs .swf files.

For Windows users, I recommend ARFlashPlayer (it supports fullscreen option) or official Adobe Flash Player. Both programs are portable.

Another way to play flash games is to install SuperNova SWF Extension (it works in Chrome only).



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