Chernobil Rabbits

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Chernobil Rabbits

Chernobil Rabbits is a shooting game on in which you will shoot monsters. The goal of the game is to destroy as much as possible rabbits-mutants. A factory has been contaminated by chemical wastes which caused that the rabbits all around mutated and infected a number of people. Many people died and the situation became urgent and very dangerous. You are assigned to kill all mutants as an elite soldier. There is a big arsenal of the weapon at the disposal: pneumatic pistol, fighting pistol, Winchester, a machine gun. You can use the number keys or press icons to choose the weapon. If money suffices, you can buy ammunition. Try to eliminate all terrible rabbits as soon as possible and survive. Don

If you want to play this game offline and without any browsers after December 2020, then download .swf game file and use any Flash Player that runs .swf files.

For Windows users, I recommend ARFlashPlayer (it supports fullscreen option) or official Adobe Flash Player. Both programs are portable.

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