Bowmaster Prelude

Bowmaster Prelude

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Bowmaster Prelude is a fighting game on in which you are a hero to protect your castle and defeat the siege of invaders. The two objective of this game are to either eliminate all enemy troops or capture the enemy flag. Each level there is a set amount of enemy troops. If you manage to destroy all of them before they capture your flag, then you are victorious. If you have purchased certain troop upgrades such as mounted units, foot soldiers, or the bigger foot soldiers, then these units can attempt to capture the enemy flag. Your allies will automatically try to take the flag and bring it back to your castle. In order to win in this way, you must have both your flag and your enemy flag at your base. If you do this then you win the round even if there are more enemies left to fight. There are also two ways for you to lose. If the enemy has both flags at its base, then you are defeated and must restart the round. If your hero dies, then you are defeated. There are several types of units in the game, like Trebuchet, Grunt, Big Grunt, Mounted Soldier, Priest, and Archer. You will lead your soldiers to fight. Fight now.

You can play Bowmaster Prelude game online for free; to download the game click here.


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