Escape Artist

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Escape Artist

Escape Artist is an arcade game on in which you will help an artist find what he needs to escape. It is also a click and point game. This artist lived in a big house with four rooms. In the drawing room, his lovely dog was sleeping on sofa. Many drawing tools and pigment were placed on a table. A pink pillow was on sofa and another green pillow was on the floor. When you took the pink pillow up, you would find a bone which attracted the sleeping dog and wakened it up. In the painting room, it was his working office. A completed picture was on the easel. A paintbrush was on the floor. Several fruits, like apple and grape, were on a plate which you can click to eat up. The next is study room. A white cat was waiting for you. Two books were on his desk. Three pink ceiling lamps made the room bright. You may click the two cabinets to find something useful. And a black cat was on the last room which was like a storage room. You may find some wine and cakes, an old box, a pair of female shoes here. Click them and look for something helpful. Are you ready? Click and point now!




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