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Ring removal technique

How To Remove A Ring From A Swollen Finger With An Elastic Band

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Very cool way to separate egg yolk

Cool Way To Separate Egg Yolk From White Using Plastic Bottle

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Way to remove bottom Jenga piece

Guy Successfully Removes Last Bottom Jenga Piece Without Collapsing Tower

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Amazing Secret Monitor

How To Make A Secret Cloaked Monitor Screen That Only You Can See

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Is That a Gun in Your Pants

Or Are You Just Happ...Now try to walk a bit without showing .

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Folding a T-shirt the fast way

Man those Japanese are smart!

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How to unlock handcuffs

An easy and quick method to unlock handcuffs, using only a bobby pin.

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Lethal street fighting

Some great tips on how to win a street/bar fight by former martial arts champion Bas Rutten

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