Car crash

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Motorcycle rider flips and lands on feet on car roof after a crash

Motorcycle crash, rider flips and lands on feet on car roof

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Tow Truck Fail

Crashed Car Rolls Down Ditch After Tow Truck Driver Flips It Upright

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Horrific Traffic Accident

A massive bus accident occurs on a highway in Taiwan. A bus driver fall asleep or just overlooked a traffic jam, crashed and destroyed multiple cars on highway.

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Motorbike on autopilot

Watch what happens when the driver falls off his racing bike

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Helicopter crashes into beach

Helicopter Crashes Into Rio de Janeiro Beach While Attempting To Save Swimmer

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Dissatisfied Customer

Angry Patron Drives Car Through Glass Into Dealer Showroom

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Lucky Driver

The driver and passenger of the car "VAZ-2105" that fall under the wheels of trucks first, then a bus, escaped with minor injuries.A terrible accident occurred at the 91-kilometer M3 highway near the...

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