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Trust Fall Fail

Man Running Trust Seminar Lets Woman Fall

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Police Door Kick Fail

Police Pushes Door Instead Of Pulls

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Roller racer loses first place showing off

Roller speed skater fail. 2010 Guarne Colombia

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Model falls on Burberry catwalk

Being a catwalk model isn't a piece of cake. And it gets even harder when you are forced to wear 'difficult' shoes.

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Will Smith soccer kick fail at Champions Festival

At the Champions Festival before the 2013 UCL final, Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith had a penalty shootout competition. Of 10 penalties, they scored 1! This is Will's first penalty! Worse than...

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Drunk girl ruins wedding reception

What NOT to do at a wedding! Drunk wedding guest knocks the tent down, leaving the bride with a bloody nose!

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